Use Public Wi-Fi Safely with Hide My Ass! VPN

Millennials, a.k.a. members of generation Y, are constantly on the move, never in one place for too long a time. They are always connected to the cyberspace, using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, as well as watching videos on YouTube on-the-go. Besides these everyday tasks, many young people are also buying goods […]

Play Pokémon Go Anywhere in the World with VPN

By now, you have most certainly heard of the worldwide sensation that is known as Pokémon Go. Once a popular anime in the 90s that spawned many video games on the Nintendo Gameboy and other games consoles, the popularity of the franchise tapered off a bit in recent years. However, Niantic Labs has recently launched […]

Why You Should Start Using Hide My Ass! VPN

Many people who use the Internet have come across the term “VPN” at some point or another. You may know what a virtual private network is, but odds are that you are not using one. You really ought to be using a VPN! Perhaps now it is not essential to have one but very soon, […]

How Hide My Ass! VPN Stacks Up Against Competitors

In the year 2016, there are so many virtual private network (VPN) services out there that it can be overwhelming to know the differences between them. It is getting more and more difficult to decide which one to select as your go-to VPN service. There are some free options and some paid ones, too. Many […]

Watch Rio Olympics 2016 with Hide My Ass! VPN

A couple of years ago, the nation of Brazil hosted the illustrious FIFA World Cup and this summer, the most wonderful city in the country, Rio de Janeiro, will be hosting the celebrated Summer Olympics. Commonly known as Rio 2016, this will be the hottest Olympics ever, literally! The weather in Brazil in August is […]