How To Mask Your IP Address ? We Provide The Reasons Why It Is Important

How to mask IP Address is a question that is being asked by more and more people these days. The reason people want to mask identity and other personal data is to prevent the prying eyes of the Internet from tracing their activities. This is not always a case of covert, dark ally dealings it is more akin to throwing the harmful elements of the Internet off of the trail.

To Mask IP Address and other sensitive data, clients have take to using proxy services that enable their Internet access to being with total anonymity. The demand for instant information has been pushed to the cutting edge of technology. This is fueled by the need for small businesses to compete in a global market place. File sharing is a technology that is utilized by both the giant conglomerates and the mom-and-pop stores.


The technology behind making an IP Address is not new. It was developed when the connection methods of Internet protocols changed to allow the proper bandwidth for file sharing to take place. The initial technology was utilized by very large corporations who needed to share files and data instantly on a global basis. The technology also became a beacon for pirating copyrighted material such as music and videos. Today, that illegal element still exists, but the technology continues to grow and provide beneficial elements to all areas of Internet business.

How To Mask IP Address – What:

Mask IP Address is a web-service that uses a proxy server to hide the true identity of clients that use the proxy to access the Internet. Regardless of the intentions behind the users desire to prowl the Internet, technology to make it impossible to trace your actions is a service that is growing in popularity.

How To Mask IP Address – How:

A computer connects to the Internet through an Internet connect that is linked to a web browser. When the connection to the Internet occurs, a bundle of information is broadcast to the Internet that speaks volume about your computer. Some of that information is just the normal operational datum that is needed when your computer interfaces with websites. Some of that information specifically identifies your computer. Each computer that accesses the Internet has a unique IP Address. That IP Address is used to identify the computer from millions of other computers on the Internet. Because computers speak in terms of numbers, the IP address of your computer is a string of number. To your or me, that string of numbers is a mark of identification much the same way that a social security number is used to identify a specific person.

There are good reasons why the IP Address of your computer should not become known. These reasons are much the same as why your social security number should remain a secret. There are plenty of Internet criminals out there waiting to find out information about unsuspecting users.

How to mask IP address is fairly simple. There are a number of services out there that do it for you. In fact, you need a service to hide your IP Address and other data. The services work by being the first stop in the connection process for the Internet. This is how to mask ip address, for your computer when it connects directly to the proxy service and instead of broadcasting all of your data to the world, your computer tells the proxy service the pertinent data. The proxy service then broadcasts the necessary information about your computer and a false IP address that belongs to the proxy service. Your identity stops at the proxy service, but your Internet searching ability continues past the proxy server. The reason for the proxy services need to share some of your information is because websites need to know some things about how your computer functions. The information that is shared is benign data such as what web browser you use, etc. This datum is necessary for web pages, web-services, and protocols to function properly when your computer requests information.

The use of a proxy service allows Internet users or clients to access the Internet, conduct their business, and maintain an invisibility that provides security of both data, and safety. Learning how to become invisible online is an important part of Internet safety.

How To Mask IP Address – When:

When should you mask IP address? The answer to that question is difficult to answer. The simple answer is that a web proxy should be used all the time. There have been reports that using a web proxy service may slow down the Internet connection speed. The general advice is usually to use a web proxy service whenever you expect to download data to your computer. Businesses use proxy servers to keep monetary exchanges private and secure. The general use of a proxy service is to allow peer to peer exchange of information and files without being seen. On a business level, that may mean that employees in a remote setting, who may not have control over which Internet connection they use, or the quality of the security of that Internet connection would need to use a proxy service to keep their actions invisible.

Using a proxy service is how to mask your online IP Address. The means to maintain an invisible Internet presence is not just the desire of criminals, it is the desire of anyone who wants to increase their Internet safety. If you are not seen, than you can not be followed, and your data can not be stolen or manipulated. A proxy service does not replace an antiviral program, but it does decrease the risks associated with surfing the Internet in plain sight.


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