IP Scrambler Adding Extra Security When Surfing The Internet

What is IP Scrambler? A IP Scrambler is a program that helps to hide the IP address of almost any computer while the computer maintains an Internet connection. We say almost any

computer because the way the computer in question connects to the internet is important as computers that connect to the internet through corporate servers may not be able to use an IP address scrambler.


Computers connect to the internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP.) and this ISP provides a numerical tag that identifies your computer each time it connects to the Internet. What an IP Scrambler does, is use a proxy server to help hide the identity of the computer as it connects to the internet, and so the scrambler is an extra link in the chain of the internet connection process.



The connection process works without notice to the user as the computer connects to the internet through the standard Internet Service Provider. The ISP identifies the computer with an IP address and the computer then connects through the IP address Scrambler program, which assigns the computer a separate IP address. This process helps to hide the IP address that was assigned to the computer by the ISP from the rest of the prying eyes of the Internet.

Why Would Someone Want to Use An IP Scrambler?

Most people who want to hide their computers identity on a public Internet do so for security reasons. The IP address of a computer is visible and usable for many different purposes as people surf the Internet. Thieves, for instance, use the IP address of computers to steal personal data that may be stored on any computer that is connected to the Internet. Phishing is a technique that Internet thieves use to trick people into giving out personal information and passwords, which the thieves can use for all kinds of illicit purposes such as identity theft, etc.

Malware is also another reason why people who use the Internet may want to hide their identity. Maleware is a hidden program that in many cases, is installed on a computer without the computer’s owner being aware that the program has been installed. Malware, once installed, collects personal data and personal information from the computer. In some cases, Malware can be designed to damage the operating system of the computer where it has been installed.

Hiding the identity of any computer that uses the Internet may help to prevent malicious activities from harming the computer. This is another link in the chain of defenses that may help to protect computers from Internet thieves and malicious programs.

Other people who use the Internet may want to use an IP address scrambler to hide their unique IP address from websites that limit the usage of the website. These websites restrict access based on the unique IP address assigned to each computer. Contest sites are one example of a type of website that may limit access based on unique IP address. Using an IP address Scrambler, would enable Internet users to enter the site more frequently than the website would normally allow.


Regardless of the reasons, Internet security seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. As technology continues to change and the sophistication of Internet thievery grows, more and more Internet users begin to look for more advanced ways to keep their computers and personal data safe.

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Anti-virus and anti-phishing software helps to keep some malicious programs at bay, but may not provide all of the defenses needed to keep a computer safe. Many Internet users are currently looking for methods to increase Internet safety from sources outside of the main-stream Internet security realm. Being able to hide the IP address of a computer while it is connected to the Internet is a good method to decrease the risk of using the Internet. Internet security is important to all of us who use the Internet on a regular basis. Programs such as IP Scrambler help to keep the average use invisible to the prying eyes of Internet thieves and malicious programs. Scrambling the IP address assigned to your computer does just that. By using a proxy connection, in conjunction with the standard ISP provider, helps to give the computer Internet invisibility. This adds a link of safety in the security chain that protects the computer from the dangers of the Internet.



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