A US Proxy VPN Is A Good Alternative To Using A Browser Proxy

A US Proxy VPN is used to allow users outside of the United States to view content that is blocked in their country. This content might include certain programs such as Hulu or viewing TV show episodes on the US websites. There are several other uses for having a US Proxy VPN and it is a good alternative to using a browser proxy. It works much like a regular Internet connection and completely redirects your traffic through it.



Traffic through a US Proxy VPN

When you create an account and pay for the services of a virtual private network you will receive an email with the details on setting it up. Usually, setting up a VPN is much like setting up a normal Internet connection. You put in the credentials and once you connect your IP address will be different and all of your Internet traffic will be redirected and encrypted. A US Proxy VPN will encrypt your traffic to offer better security and most of them require you to only click an application to connect to them. Once you are connected to the private network all of your application’s ports and protocols that require Internet access will be redirected and allowed to operate through the VPN.

The Difference between VPN and Proxy Servers

The main difference between a US Proxy VPN and a proxy server is that the proxy server only affects your browser. Think of the proxy server as a filter for websites that makes them think you are located in the US. Any traffic generated outside your browser will be done using your regular IP address and therefore exposing your actual location. A US Proxy VPN will affect all of the traffic, rerouting it through the US server and never broadcast your actual IP address. The services you will reach through the VPN will locate you as being inside the US and allow you access to the restricted content. Browser based proxy servers cannot offer a different identity for anything other than a website.

The Speed of a VPN

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to avoid using proxy servers is the speed of the connection. Because there is usually a long distance involved and multiple users on the same bandwidth, proxies and VPNs are always going to be slower than your normal connection. Also, a US Proxy VPN is not a replacement for your ISP connection. You will still need a working Internet connection to use a VPN or proxy. The difference when using a US Proxy VPN is that you will only broadcast your IP address when connecting to it. Any further connections made by your browser or other applications connecting to the Internet will be done using the remote machines IP information, effectively tricking them into thinking you are located in a different place. In this case, that place is inside the United States which then allows you to view content that was specifically designed for US residents.

Legality and Censorship

The simple answer to whether a US Proxy VPN is legal or not is yes. They are perfectly okay to use and do not break any international or US laws. In fact, many consider that the service they provide is fighting for the freedom of Internet users. They fight against censoring content based on your country or location and provide the same products for anyone in the world. VPNs allow for an equal opportunity access that doesn’t discriminate against users outside the US.

VPN Fees

Free US VPNs are either non-existent or offer a very poor quality service. Bandwidth costs money and any US Proxy VPN that is worth using will probably charge you a monthly fee. The fees will range based on how much traffic you are allowed each month. There are plans that limit traffic to 30 or 50GB a month and there are more expensive plans that offer unlimited traffic. You should choose a traffic plan that suits your surfing needs. If you watch a lot of Hulu or other movie streaming services then you are going to go through a lot of traffic monthly and it is probably wise to choose an unlimited plan. If you just want to access web pages or other low traffic items then you should choose a lower cost solution when looking for a US Proxy



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